How To Find And Stick To An Ad Agency?

Do you know the elements you require investigating when searching for the best ad agency in Delhi for your business? What is the principal factor or the primary thing you will find in an advertising agency? If it is the cost or service charge of the organization then you are squandering your chance. Continue reading How To Find And Stick To An Ad Agency?


Choosing The Right Marketing Agency

As most brands are aware of, hiring the services of a marketing agency could really help the brand development. But as an entrepreneur, it’s really not that stress-free to pick a marketing agency. You need to look for a team who can work with the same mindset of your business. Some businesses search for marketing agencies through their websites, look at the clientele and then choose the one they liked the most. This approach shouldn’t be the only approach to look for an agency. Continue reading Choosing The Right Marketing Agency

How To Benefit From Branding Agencies

In any business, making a good profit regardless of substantial overheads and possibilities relies upon Brand fame. For any organization giving services, consumables, or merchandise directly to their buyers; achievement relies upon how well they are perceived inside their locale of impact. Continue reading How To Benefit From Branding Agencies

Reasons Amounting To A Marketing Agency Switch

Although one have a very professional relationship with the agency looking after your work, you tend to develop a personal bond with them too. But what if you decide to switch your current marketing agency? That can be a tough task in such situations. Because over the years, you have built a relationship with the people and the organization, conversed with them, shared ideas and aspirations with them and whatnot. Though the decision can be hard, its best for your team and business and you decide to part ways. Continue reading Reasons Amounting To A Marketing Agency Switch

Three Stages For An Effective Brand Awareness Campaign

All the marketing strategists would agree to this that brand awareness in any industry gives every company or brand an edge over another. Brand awareness accomplishes several objectives for companies seeking to increase their sales or become popular in the marketplace. A brand awareness campaign needs to be flexible enough to grow with the company and adjust be if needed. Continue reading Three Stages For An Effective Brand Awareness Campaign

How To Make Best Use Of Advertising Techniques And Agencies


The technology now is so advanced that it has made everything possible, be it health, education or digital marketing field, everybody is making use of technology and helping in the advancement of their fields respectively.

Talking about digital marketing, technology advancement has helped a lot in improving the advertisements by introducing online advertisement. Many agencies have come up in this particular sector and are now providing all digital marketing solutions to the customers.

Many agencies are coming up with different techniques to help their clients meet out their requirements related to advertisement solutions.

One such agency is Apppl Combine, based out of Delhi, who provides all advertisements solutions.

Media has played a very important role in making advertising very powerful and helped it spread across the globe. People sought the help of advertising agencies to convert this technological advantage into a boon for their business. It can create a good reputation and between a company and their customers by also establishing the brand in their minds.

Advertisement techniques used to enhance the business are:-

Outdoor advertising:

Outdoor techniques are mostly adopted by restaurants, streets, pubs, billboards etc. in this type of advertisement an ad is placed outside an office or home premises, like on billboards, street poles, pillars, etc. many businesses adopt outdoor advertisement technique to gather maximum attention of the public since whoever goes out of their homes would be able to see that advertisement. Studies say that out of 100 people, 90% people notice the outdoor advertisement.

Online advertising:

The new age advertising involves Online Advertising. The main advantage of such new technique is that what we see outdoor, can also be viewed online. This method is cheap and has a pool of opportunities, which can be acquired by many corporates and businesses. This method helps in boosting up the sales, promotions and brand establishments. All it requires you is to create attractive and creative advertisements and spread it on the World Wide Web.

We provide all types of outdoor advertising, online advertising, print advertisements etc. basically, it gives you a total marketing solution related to your company and its needs.


Branding: Uniqueness Makes It Different


Here’s why being different is a better strategy than being “better” in business.

Often we can’t differentiate between the two- being different, and not necessarily “better” can be an effective Branding technique and business model.

There will usually always be someone “better” than you; the best way to compete is on a different field.

Monitor your competition in the industry very closely and find the gaps. It’s like what Samsung plans and does against Apple. Profit off from the belief systems. Some people don’t believe in paying $600 for a phone that they believe will update every 12 months. That’s why Samsung made fun of those people and adopted the other half of the market by targeting with their “the next big thing is already here” campaign.

Being perceptive is one of the biggest keys to being an entrepreneur — or just a successful businessman. Be perceptive of your customer’s wants, of your competition’s pitfalls, of the people who don’t like your business or criticize you.

It’s been a tried and tested business model for decades. Just as Samsung is capitalizing off of what Apple doesn’t do or lacks, Apple capitalized off of what Microsoft didn’t do. So you always have to be one step ahead of your competition.

There is always a room to be different and unique. To take a category that has been tried and tested, and then apply the same to what people demand. Where there is demand in the market, you form supply, put it out there and you will succeed. These are basic principles of economics.

And to stand out in today’s time by just battling on quality is difficult. You have to stand out to be noticed and create your unique identity, and that’s hard enough as it is. Controversy is an easy way to make a splash, and offering what your competition does not is an easy way to start that discussion. And quite often, we see that comparative advertising.

Be unique, not better.