Brands go high with emotional quotient

Today consumer’s perception and value of a brand as an entity, product or service has become increasingly intricately woven around each other. As a result, brands have started working to create an appeal that is more personalized, customized and importantly that which connects with the people at an emotional level. What is evident by adopting this approach is that though outwardly they are not focused on sales or promotions. They want to create and maintain relationships with their consumers founded over their experiences.

Recently for the Indian market, different campaigns were launched by three different brands. The objective behind these campaigns were significantly varied however what connected them was the underlying common thread of triggering the emotional quotient of consumers. Below are the highlights of the three different campaigns.

HalonixHalonix started a campaign to help make the streets safer. Piloted in Delhi first, Halonix converted the hoarding/bus shelters as a source of light in the evening. Thereby, the poorly lit streets have become better lit and safer.  A powerful message sent by the brand that connected instantaneously with the consumers who in their feedback asked Halonix to take this project forward in other cities as well.  We here have seen an emphasis on utility based advertising approach where in the connection is stronger and greater brand recall.

Havells launched a series of TV commercials with the underlying message of respecting women in the society instead of taking them for granted. They also cleverly placed their appliances that can be used for the basic mundane activities.

Sushma Buildtech Limited, a real estate developer launched a 15 day Share Happiness campaign where in Sushma’s fans were asked to post their life’s most colorful or memorable moments. As the entries for the campaign started coming in, the pictures were simultaneously updated on hoardings across Chandigarh that had a back drop of Share happiness. IMG-20140314-WA0006

As soon as the pictures started coming on the hoarding and fans became aware of it there was a wave of positive sentiment and happiness flowing in among the fans. As the hoarding developed over the duration of the campaign, more and more photos were placed on the hoarding with the gradual formation of the logo of the brand outlined. This campaign while exploring elements of novelty, curiosity and consumer engagement at the same time achieved a human element of sharing happiness that connected instantly.


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