Why Advertising is salesmanship?

dvertising is salesmanship

Advertising’s basic principles are those of salesmanships’. The sole purpose of advertising a thing is to make sales. It is not to create a general effect, not to keep a brand name out there, not to primarily aid other salesman. Treat advertising as a sales activity. The only difference, probably, is the degree of these two activities. Advertising is numerously multiplied salesmanship. It may communicate with masses while a salesperson only talks to one. Continue reading Why Advertising is salesmanship?


Social Media Tips for Start-ups and growing brands

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Social media has changed the classic PR and has offered start-ups and evolving brands seamless opportunities to attract traction to their digital and physical outlets. Although mixing old and new media trends might sound like the perfect marketing strategy, one should not ignore the traditional pr rules while using social media channels. Continue reading Social Media Tips for Start-ups and growing brands

Standouts in an ad

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1. Humor – Nothing captures our attention like a well-executed ad with humor in it. Does not really matter weather it is subtle, loud or in the face. As long as it’s being noticed and is making smile, the job is done. Ad agencies have understood this and have gone beyond the boring content.

Continue reading Standouts in an ad