Standouts in an ad

Advertising Agency in New Delhi

1. Humor – Nothing captures our attention like a well-executed ad with humor in it. Does not really matter weather it is subtle, loud or in the face. As long as it’s being noticed and is making smile, the job is done. Ad agencies have understood this and have gone beyond the boring content.

  1. Connect – The moment we see something that has already happened to somebody we know or us or a situation we have been in, it touches a chord. This extra association is what makes the ad more memorable.
  1. Substance – For an intelligent audience to sit up and notice, this is what constitutes an ad. Ad agencies now put in extra efforts to ensure the ads have enough meat in them.
  1. Intrigue – The ever-changing audience could not change one thing about them, the love for mystery. So any ad, which assures them of more in the future holds not only there attention but also forms a base for a repeat audience.
  1. Story – The art of storytelling shines beautiful if it has a good story to showcase. No star power works with a poor storyboard.
  1. Repeat value– Hummable tunes, great content, beautiful acting, solidifies an ads position of being loved, appreciated and waited for.

Each one of us must be having at least one ad we can associate with the above characteristic. Many ad agencies in delhi have conducted surveys to establish the most sellable and efficient qualities people look for in an ad. Lets hope that the audience continues to influence our ads and not the other way round.


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