Treating Freelance Copywriters Right!

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“Don’t be cruel.” Is the motto that advertising agencies should adopt for freelance writers.

Be honest.

We understand your need to cast a good first impression, even though it is on a small time freelancer. No matter how big your advertising agency size is, everyone dresses up and wants to look presentable when meeting a new face. But refrain from lying in the name of politeness. Do not make fake promises of upcoming projects or try to make random conversations about their dog pictures on Facebook. If they are not right for the job, let them know they’re not right for the job.

Avoid acting like a miser.

Some firms have been duped by freelance copywriters in the past and for this reason deal with the new ones with a little extra rigidity and on-our-own-terms policy. Don’t be so stringent and ask the freelancer to work for lesser price on your “incredible new project” for your advertising agency. Hiring a freelancer and outsourcing copy work will always come with a risk. If your creative ad agency is not open to it then don’t go for freelancers, get a full-time copywriter or, better yet, write it yourself.

Don’t be a prick about deadlines.

Hiring a full-time employee brings along with it a lot of benefits, such as going in the middle of the day and throwing a bunch of files in their inbox that needs to be done by end of the day. But with freelancers, who don’t mostly care about what the project is, has a lack of brief, and will usually not pay attention to your mails marked ‘URGENT’, it can be a bit difficult. So, prepare to be flexible about deadlines and cost, both.

Be regular with your Feedbacks.

For a person who is not involved in your day-to-day office activities, feedback is crucial. Don’t go on a holiday when you give a freelancer the key to an important project. Stay connected and give appreciation and constructive feedback whenever necessary. If you fail to strike a balance between constantly keeping in touch with the freelancer and giving him his space, you will probably end up with an unfinished job in your hand.


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