Social Media Tips for Start-ups and growing brands

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Social media has changed the classic PR and has offered start-ups and evolving brands seamless opportunities to attract traction to their digital and physical outlets. Although mixing old and new media trends might sound like the perfect marketing strategy, one should not ignore the traditional pr rules while using social media channels.

As many companies blindly start following the “proven rules” and PR strategies and start relying heavily on the social media, they end up committing horrendous mistakes on expense of their business.

Here are a few tips on how to ignore these typical pitfalls.

  1. Building personal relationships in the media – It is absolutely of great importance to follow news and magazine journalists on Twitter and other Social media platforms, but merely following them on social media is perhaps not enough. Keeping a one-on-one relationship with the media still is the best way to get coverage.

For example, if you are about to attend a trade show or any such event, get in touch with the organizers of these events and ask them for a list of media persons attending it. Then you can maybe send them a personalised email requesting for a meeting.

  1. Always concentrate on selling to the “hotspots” of the media – Journalists have designated ‘hotspots’. As a PR person you should where these hotspots lie and hit exactly bang on them to cater to their exact coverage needs.
  2. Make your contacts mean something – Most companies post on twitter and most of these posts are ignored like spam emails are ignored. If you aim to grab media’s attention, make every contact of yours count. Journalist’s favourite words are ‘exclusive’ and ‘advance’ and if you give a journalist a story that is theirs alone, they will love it.

A story like that, exclusive and advance, almost every time wins the appreciation and a long term relationship with the journalists.

  1. Never treat Social media as a crisis management portal – Many at times, good businesses also, have certain mid-level or high-level crisis. And most of the companies start posting their dealing statements on Twitter and Facebook. Media usually explodes and starts retaliating against such posts and puts out all frustration out on the portal, gaining bad PR for the business.

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