Why Advertising is salesmanship?

dvertising is salesmanship

Advertising’s basic principles are those of salesmanships’. The sole purpose of advertising a thing is to make sales. It is not to create a general effect, not to keep a brand name out there, not to primarily aid other salesman. Treat advertising as a sales activity. The only difference, probably, is the degree of these two activities. Advertising is numerously multiplied salesmanship. It may communicate with masses while a salesperson only talks to one.

A Salesman’s mistake might cost very less, but an ad person’s mistake can cost millions. Therefore, be much more attentive and careful, more accurate as a mediocre salesman may affect only a tiny part of your sales ut mediocre advertising can affect a major part of it or maybe all of it.

One of the biggest mistakes advertisers commit is to seek appreciation than focusing on achieving sales. They give too much attention to the content and drive away all the focus from the selling part. They try to become performers not salesmen.

The reason behind most of the unsuccessful advertising campaigns is that ad makers are trying to sell things which people do not want. But the next to that is the lack of true salesmanship which ruins the ad. They are conceived and planned with a completely wrong perception. They are now written to make people happy and gain fame. One will never be able to sell anything with that attitude.


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