How Social Media Is Shaping Digital Marketing Strategies Of Brands

Apppl Combine

There was a time when marketers would rely majorly on traditional media like print, radio, television and outdoor primarily to increase their presence in the market thereby instigating customer loyalty.

However, lately more and more ad agencies in Delhi are exploring non-traditional media like online and social media to capture customers for brands. The reason behind this is the continuous social impact through various websites on people where people spend 70% of their time.

Through focusing on social media pages and forums a brand is constantly aware about its T.G and gets to develop a deeper understanding of their psychographics and several ad agencies in Delhi NCR are utilizing this media efficiently. This helps them develop and promote their products according to their changing tastes, preferences and personalities.

Social networking sites are an indirect form of market research for a brand. One can know exactly what the consumer is looking for and thereby advertise accordingly which will also create the maximum impact. The ad agencies in India nowadays are realizing the potential of social media are marketing the brands aggressively on these forums. In fact a lot of brands are relying only on these platforms to market their products to people because they know that it will have the maximum influence there.


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