Biscuit Brands Playing A New Card In The Indian Market

Apppl CombineThe biscuit brands in the Indian market are dominating the organized branded space in the market. According to recent reports, biscuit brands are dominating around 10 % of the FMCG market in India.

The reasons behind these numbers are many. For example lately it is being noticed that more and more biscuit brands are coming up with premium packaging and pricing like Rs. 50 which was unheard of a few years ago. Also due to changing consumer tastes and rising health consciousness the demand for healthy biscuits has increased considerably. Due to this many brands have started investing to a large extent on low fat and healthy fibre biscuits to meet the demand rise. Also many ad agencies in India are investing a great deal in advertising biscuit brands to their fullest to increase awareness to a large extent.

The challenge however that companies are facing is how to create a new positioning in the minds of those consumers who are still purchasing a lot of cream filled biscuits to switch over to premium brands or low fat and high fibre biscuits. The complication being faced by any ad agency in India is on how to break the clutter in the completion in order to reach the consumer.


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