Outdoor Advertising


With the rise in need of marketing products and brands, the need to do it in an unique way is a pivotal factor in the business’ future. This is where Apppl Combine steps in, one of the best ad agencies in Delhi-NCR with 16 years of experience.Recently a mobile phone company spent millions on putting up advertisements about their 4G connection and how it has revolutionized the industry. But it was deemed misleading by the law as it promised to pay off phone bills of people who came up with a better internet connection. This ad is under process of being banned as it claims false promises. We as an ad agency take a note about these details and bring unique ideas to life. With a lot of new trends in the field of outdoor advertising in India, some of which we have already been doing and gained expertise in. The concept of digital billboards has just caught up, but we have been doing it for other companies before this recent shoot-up. A digital billboard is run electrically and rotates a lot of info on one screen. Another twist to these billboards are the ones which are mobile, it can be made to be placed on truck’s backside, so that it fulfills it’s purpose of marketing it to the people on the road. The improved condition of the metro has made even the rich board it in these situations of dire traffic.


Now, with half the population boarding a metro helps in reaching out to masses, since it covers a wide range of area. When it is compared to other mediums of advertising, it is really cost effective. These kind of advertising methods remain for a longer time and are helpful in making an impression in the audience’s mind.


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Apppl Combine- A to Z Advertising

APPPL Combine is a hybrid & innovative fast growing multinational marketing communication agency which operates on a borderless front, having owned offices in Singapore, UK, India and Hong Kong.

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