Untitled-1The biggest challenge faced by a small business owner is to get funded, which is decisive for his/her business. From acquiring startup capital to adequate funds to expand the business, there is lot to be taken care of.

Out of the two, it’s harder to find a capital investment as it becomes a lot complicated when an organization is in it’s initial stages, but once the company has set its foothold in the industry it becomes that much easier to place trust in them, that they would ultimately reap returns on the investment made. To acquire sufficient amount of money to fund your business, small loans can provide you with the same at low rates of interest. They are one of the most economical ways to obtain funding. It is better to seek help from a community lender or credit union rather than national bank since the chances of the application being approved are higher with them. If you already have a base of customers, opting for pre-sale or advance orders can be a suitable option for you. In addition to providing working capital, it can efficiently regulate your business ideas better than any other market research strategy. There are many platforms that allow you to approach investors in abundance and request funding. The process of working with them starts with making a pitch and proceeds onto posting it on the platforms, so that individuals or investing organizations can revert over it and ultimately be contributing towards your fund raising goal. However, the drawback of these platforms is a high transaction costs that can range from 5% to 10% of the total amount raised. The easiest form of procuring funding is from your existing money. A large number of business owners secure part of the business funding from their wallet. After all, it is one of the most common places to begin a business. Available options include personal savings, money acquired from insurance policies and home equity. When it comes to dealing with funds, management businesses’ can do nothing than just grant money acquired from the same to invest in your startup. Finding and zeroing on to a grant is a bit challenging, but nothing can be found without any work done towards it. It is viable to know that grants can be categorized on the basis of women, minority business owners, single mothers and more. Prior to landing a grant this blog will make you know your options and requirements better than before.


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APPPL Combine is a hybrid & innovative fast growing multinational marketing communication agency which operates on a borderless front, having owned offices in Singapore, UK, India and Hong Kong.

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