Everyone spends money on having a better website. Sometimes, they end up investing a lot in bringing people to their website, but it still doesn’t pay off. Before we talk about how it happens, it is important to know what bounce rate and exit rate is. Exit rate is the percentage of people who leave after viewing a specific page. A user may have viewed more than one page in one session, so the exit rate signifies the last page the visitor saw. High exit rates often reveal problematic areas on your site. Where as ‘bounce rate’ is the number of visitors who leave your website after visiting only a single page. The higher the bounce rate of a page, the lower the percentage of pinned users. The bounce rate can also be determined by the quality of a web page, it could also fluctuate because of the quality of the traffic directed at the page.

Now that we are familiar with exit and bounce rate, we shall discuss why the visitors leave your webpage. There are a lot of reasons why a user leaves a web page, we will be discussing the few important ones. First of them being the excessive number of ads on the page drives a visitor to exit the page. We at Apppl Combine advise our clients to make it mandatory that ads should not be the first thing that visitors see when they visit their website. If the visitor is bombarded with ads right from the start then he will surely leave. The ads on a page should not occupy more than the actual content on it. Some websites want the visitors to register as soon as they visit a page. That according to us at Apppl Combine is not the perfect way to start. You need to tease them initially, before luring them into registering on your portal. Timing is of the utmost importance.

Another important factor for leaving a website early is that a visitor can’t find the correct information. The content should be heavy with keywords instead of the unimportant information and the jabber. It takes a little less than 5 seconds to grab your potential client’s attention. At Apppl Combine, a marketing agency in Delhi, we offer our expertise in editing your content professionally along with our SEO services. We suggest that the content posted should not be uninspiring or invisible. Blogging is a good way to keep posting news and updates for your customers. In a fast moving world, if a web page doesn’t load properly then the user will immediately close the page. User patience levels have been decreasing every year. A person expects a site to load in two seconds, and even a millisecond makes a big difference. A fast loading web page also ultimately creates loyalty from the user’s side. But as soon as the loading speed starts lagging, your loyal users also stop coming back to your website.

The main goal of every website is to attract traffic and keep it there for as long as possible. You don’t need a charming and cool website, but a website which provides information. That is what makes you successful in creating a better website.


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