What are people saying about your brand in New Delhi?


In an era where brands are pouring in copious amount of money into their social media campaigns, sitting back and not participating in the same will see your brand lag behind. This applies more for you if you are a creative agency in a city like Delhi.

To be ahead of the rest of the creative ad agencies, basics like knowing the sentiment of the conversation that is happening around your brand and knowing the sentiment of the conversation in a certain city right after you launched that big campaign, should be met.

‘Social intelligence’ is not merely engaging in social media but about listening to conversations online about your brand, phrase or industry in real time or in the past. Not listening to the conversations that people have in mind will mean that your creative ad agency will have no ability to influence how people feel about your brand or product online. Also, even if you design a great face book page you will not be able to answer questions that are being asked about your brand between customers.

A negative tweet can end up being re-tweeted several times or it can be thwarted at the very beginning by an intervention by the social media manager, thus saving the brand.

Choosing the right brand design and management agency is the trick. Being a part of the conversation is not an option any more. It is a necessity.


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Apppl Combine- A to Z Advertising

APPPL Combine is a hybrid & innovative fast growing multinational marketing communication agency which operates on a borderless front, having owned offices in Singapore, UK, India and Hong Kong.

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