A Great Design Is A Great Brand Savior!











Branding & design are largely inseparable –  They go hand in hand, branding and design are two of the most important elements and should be integrated in the organization for a great brand design.. We need to stop thinking of the two elements as different. Emotional branding is a thing these days. ‘We are all emotional beings and we have emotional relationships with brands we trust,” says Brunner.

  1. Building the design for the brand– Understanding the core essence of the brand and getting to the crux of it. First and foremost for designing the brand, understanding the brand comes, Understanding what it means to people.
  2. Strategic beginning of the design- To have the maximum impact, design need to be involved at the strategic level. Strategizing what needs to be done and how to be done is the second most important step after doing the thorough research about the brand.
  3. Design integration early in the process- Driving innovation and creating solutions by approaching the solution through questioning initially based on the assumptions. So a designer needs to be there at the beginning and be connected to the decision-makers.
  4. No overdesigning-  With the increasing focus on design in the world today, it’s important to keep in mind that there should be no over designing. Planting a simple thought in the viewer’s mind, because authenticity in design is often the best. It’s not always about being different; it’s about doing better than yesterday.
  5.  Using design to create a difference-  Starting to think different and using the best of design tools to encourage people to see the change. And doing it in an encouraging, not always in a controlling way. Design needs to do that in order to reach to the mass audience to communicate a message that is socially driven.

These are just the key steps required in creating the path to a great design, for those willing to build a great brand value and making the life better and easier for others to experience.


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APPPL Combine is a hybrid & innovative fast growing multinational marketing communication agency which operates on a borderless front, having owned offices in Singapore, UK, India and Hong Kong.

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