The Business Card Is Back From Its Death Stage To The Reviving Stage

For networking, dropping a business card is still considered to be very essential and professional. Be it going to parties, Industry events, and exhibitions, there will be business cards always. And it’s very important that you and your organization stand out from the rest in a huge pile of business cards.

After all first impression should be a memorable one and what is better than doing it with a business card! If you are looking for some inspiration, we, at APPPL Combine, creative ad agency in Delhi have compiled a list of some of the best Business cards we have designed and some from the agencies and best of the designers across the World. Ranging from classic design to distinctively simple, these examples are surely going to inspire you if you are revamping your brand or making your next business card design.

9 Classic Business Cards Examples:

1) Arc

The business cards of ARC personify durability, uprightness and clear-cut tall standing in the market place. And the shade of color blue is the color of trust, allegiance and class and by keeping the background color to be white.


2) Mundial

We created a logo unit that had letter “M” itched in a floral artistic design represented with antique, elite and sophisticated personification. Pastel color of blue was chosen to imply calm, Peace and Royal character. Keeping it contemporary, the font for spelling the entire name of the company was chosen to be soft, straight and definitive.


3) Dharamshila Hospital

Symbol of the rising Sun represents not only a better and brighter tomorrow in the lives of all our patients but also represents energy, healing and life. Rays shaped as petal shows soft and caring approach towards implementation of our vision and philosophy by keeping the background white.


4) The Hussey Group

Highlighting the letter “H” in the brand logo while bringing out uniqueness at the same time, the already available fonts were not used in designing the logo. The complete letter “H” was hand drawn giving the logo a unique, custom feel that cannot be replaced. The letter “H” was given a bold red outlook, so that the logo was eye-catching and prominent and could be seen from far.


5) NuvoCairos

To give the business card a distinguished feel from run of the mill construction companies, slim fonts were used for writing the logo giving it a de-novo feel. Blue color was used in font styling to make it stand out while portraying professionalism and boldness.


6) Chomp

This London-based agency Chomp designed business cards like no one has ever thought of giving it a bite-size chunk missing from one corner side. The shape of the card stock is taken from the detail of the logo design — which also has teeth marks.


7) Nymbl
Nymbl a 3D design and virtual reality studio, wanted to project a more accessible, playful image in their new marketing materials. A bold, two-tone business card design concept was adopted as part of their new branding. The cards feature paper cut-outs on royal purple stock.


8) Tricota

One side features the information for their communications and graphic design services, while information for their illustration services appears on the other side. Each half includes a variation of their “T” logo: a typeface “T” for their communications side and a hand-drawn “T” for their illustration side.


9) Tait
Using the minimal text design against a bright sophisticated color palette catches your eye. Tait wanted to revamp itself and give them a corporate identity;they moved to fresh card stock in yellow, pale blue, and azure.



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