Are You A Startup? Or You Are Planning To Start A Venture Soon?


Here is how you can learn few techniques to just get yourself established in a highly competitive market.

  1. Story: Storytelling is an important process in building a brand. Whosoever has a better story to offer and narrate gets the audience and their attention. The more relatable you are with the audience you are targeting, the more is the brand association and popularity. Give people something they can relate to – something nostalgic or something full of humor. The story has to genuinely connect and communicate the message of both the brand as well as the product. While a commodity fulfils a need, brand plays the role of fulfilling all the aspirations and creating an ultimate value. The niloufer ad campaign by Tanishq was a great example of breaking the stereotype example with a story. Strong independent working women, the target audience, found it to be absolutely relatable.


  1. Content marketing: Nothing absolutely nothing catches an eye of consumers, if it’s not a full page advertisement in a leading newspaper. Brands need to build a relationship with journalists to have their story featured. The story could be an article on anything related to the brand or product holding true to its essence. Also, when your article gets published through a reputed media house it holds the privilege of credibility that they can trust this brand.


  1. Brand association: Because the stronger association you make with your brand, the stronger position you will hold in the market in a much lesser time. This brings about instant upliftment of your brand’s image in the eyes of your audience you are targeting, and adds credibility to a brand that is relatively new in the market. However, every strategy comes with almost good amount of risks, as your brand will also get affected if things go wrong with the other brand.


  1. Creative communication: As said, It is the most valuable piece of real estate in the world; a corner of someone’s mind’. The attention span has really become shorter, making it difficult for the marketers on how to grasp their attention and draw eyeballs towards their product or brand. And for the newbie’s, its all the way more difficult with a ‘start-up’ marketing budget. The only way is to play and be as creative & new in their approach of building marketing campaigns.

This is the age of Millennial and they are more connected than ever; when they like something they share it everywhere with everyone. We, at APPPL Combine, had already identified what’s the need of the hour? And we had talked about it in our previous blog. Browse through some of the creative’s created by APPPL Combine. We believe in letting our work speak for us!


  1. Influential outreach: Influencers are your go to replacements for the actors. They charge almost half of what an actor would charge and you can get a good audience as the number of fans and followers is comparatively high. It’s about personalizing your reach and connecting on a one on one platform and add a touch of personalization. This grounded approach will help you reinstate brand’s authenticity.

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