The Car that Makes Electric Enticing

The Car that Makes Electric Enticing

In addition to getting 70 to 110 miles (113 to 177 km) on a single three-hour charge, its novel design allows drivers to use a single ­pedal to both accelerate and brake (press down to go, ease up to stop), which results in more energy – efficient driving. And because so-called range anxiety – the fear of running out of juice on the road – remains a top reason people don’t buy electric, BMW is pioneering ways to ease customers doubts. Among them an optional backup gas motor that can recharge its batteries in a pinch and a program that lends owners a gas-powered vehicle for longer trips.

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Do Something For Your Environment, Today.

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Steps To Create A TVC


Creating a TVC can be difficult especially in today’s time with the clutter of ads and increasing competition. Follow the following steps when creating a TVC for a brand and you will be able to create an impactful TVC.

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How Social Media Is Shaping Digital Marketing Strategies Of Brands

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