“Advertising Agencies Are Not Dying. In Fact, It’s Quite The Opposite”, A Must Read!

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The delicate balance in being new-age ad agencies in Delhi is to understand the numbers that are given to you and helping consumers understand what it means. What forms of advertising work, and how do advertising agencies tap into conversations? It’s about knowing where to split costs to cover your bases – that’s seven billion mobile devices to start with. Continue reading “Advertising Agencies Are Not Dying. In Fact, It’s Quite The Opposite”, A Must Read!


The Car that Makes Electric Enticing

The Car that Makes Electric Enticing

In addition to getting 70 to 110 miles (113 to 177 km) on a single three-hour charge, its novel design allows drivers to use a single ­pedal to both accelerate and brake (press down to go, ease up to stop), which results in more energy – efficient driving. And because so-called range anxiety – the fear of running out of juice on the road – remains a top reason people don’t buy electric, BMW is pioneering ways to ease customers doubts. Among them an optional backup gas motor that can recharge its batteries in a pinch and a program that lends owners a gas-powered vehicle for longer trips.

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Brands go high with emotional quotient

Today consumer’s perception and value of a brand as an entity, product or service has become increasingly intricately woven around each other. As a result, brands have started working to create an appeal that is more personalized, customized and importantly that which connects with the people at an emotional level. What is evident by adopting this approach is that though outwardly they are not focused on sales or promotions. They want to create and maintain relationships with their consumers founded over their experiences. Continue reading Brands go high with emotional quotient