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Are Morals and Principles A Necessity in Advertisements?

Today’s generation believe in what they perceive and don’t just vaguely accept what is been tried to be sold to them. This awareness among them is a result of globalisation and the status which media has acquired. Advertisements are one such source of media which not only attempt to boost the demand of a product in market but also convey the facts associated with them. But what here one needs to ask oneself is how reliable and ethical are these advertisements.

Ethics are generally defined as morals and principles governing behaviour of an individual or group. But are advertisements ethical i.e., do they need to hold morals and principles? Few years back, a huge brand through the advertisement had created an impression that consumption of their product will lead to healthy living but when this product was tested out, it was found that it has a high amount of sodium which can in turn result in high blood pressure and stress at the same time. Products claim the nutritional value but how true are they and if it really has a direct impact on consumers’ health is something advertisers are least concerned about.

Many countries including India have a flourishing market set up for advertising and website designing and here comes the role of advertising agencies in new delhi. Though, advertising agencies  provide services to the clients but how much of ethics is truly followed is a question to be asked. An effective website design development agency can easily cope up with the demands making sure that the morals and principles should be a necessity and must not be neglected. This is where a leading website design development agency in New Delhi excels at.  Finally, to conclude one can say that ethical advertisements touch the soul and not only brains.


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