2016- HOT Trends in Advertising


The leading advertising agency in Delhi has come out with a list of trends that you must follow to get ahead of your competitors, while you can. We have listed the latest trends that are being followed around the world to bring brands to the spotlight. This list will help you get ahead of the pack and predict the future of your brand or plan strategies that might just win you a lot of accolades.

1.) Personalized PPC

 For a few years now, we pay to target the right set of keywords to find the people that may or may not be looking for the products or solutions you are offering. This strategy does have its own set of flaws(irrelevant clicks and site visits), but two thirds of marketers see personalization as the most important capability to the future of marketing.

2.) Buy Buttons

If we allow anyone to buy a product directly from an ad on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Google – through a BUY BUTTON, we strongly believe it will result in a strong conversion rate. The ability to buy directly from any social website is going to be huge in 2016 and while the idea of loosing branding creeps in, just remember the buy button is upon us and is the means to increase conversions, especially from mobiles.

3.) Marketing Automation

Although marketing automation has been around for a while we feel that it is still very underused and needs to be emphasized on. Companies are still falling short of implementing robust marketing automation systems that work. It is a great tool to identify the holes in the sales and marketing funnels, and to make your jobs easier and your goals more in reach.

4.) Video

Videos will never be a trend that will not be mentioned. It is an interactive fun way of telling your end user what are the services or uses of a particular product or company.

Evolution has taken place in the world of videos. Its no longer about just listing the uses of a particular product; it has become more about creating a connect, a need of the product in the mind of a consumer by telling a relatable story to them.

5.) Mobile

Last but not least, no points for guessing this one. Mobiles were never considered tools for marketing or advertising but in today’s time over 60% of all internet traffic globally is coming from Mobile phones or as they are called these days Smart Phones.

Everyone is in the race to create a smart phone based strategy, although advertisers have said that there is still a long way to go in terms of a comprehensive mobile phone based strategy. But that is not stopping marketers from jumping into the smart phone pool.

These are few of the hot trends in advertising in 2016, brought to you by one of the leading advertisement agencies across the globe.


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