Positive Marketing Is Key To Increasing Brand Value, Here’s Why


Ever wondered why big multinationals are always trying to be one step ahead in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility. It is not just the morals of the company that they engage in activities such as NGO work, it is also because a contribution from their end has a ripple effect on the overall image of the company. This is layman terms falls under positive marketing. Subliminally the companies are working towards making a change in the society which in turn brings in customer loyalty.

Positive marketing is imperative to construct a positive personality of the brand in the eyes of the customer. It invites hope and confidence which in turn encourages societal and personal change and improves brand loyalty.

Unhindered user experience is a strategy which is executed which draws on the feel good factor to bring in customers. The User Interface and User Experience should be carefully designed for the ease of user. It is not only about how functional the website is, it is also about how quickly the website responds to the audience. It should be easily accessible on all the mediums like desktop, tablet, and phones. The navigation should be easy and a search bar should be there to make it easy to explore. The UI and UX should be tested by those who have previously not seen the website and hence should be further improved upon after their opinion.

It is very important to make the customer feel valued. It is the word of mouth which is most effective and tested way of marketing. It happens only when a customer likes a product and recommends it to the next and so on and so forth. If there is a negative feedback from the customer it will not take much time to go viral and the brand will be in jeopardy. The customer is king in every market. The customer purchases the product and since it is a two-way product, it is the brand’s responsibility to show the customers they are cared for. Frugal customers when offered a better deal will switch to the better offer. Therefore, to retain customers such as these the focus cannot only be on the pricing. Brands like Disney provide an emotional experience to the consumers who relate it to it with memories. Focusing on the customer needs like strong and responsive customer service, the timely reminder to customers, customer-centered marketing and thank you emails which are addressed in first person etc., are great ways to keep in touch with the customer and come across as a responsible brand.

Make the customer smile, make the impact. Marketing which keeps in mind to keep the customer happy and smile will always have a positive feedback. While keeping the marketing message subtle yet witty and quirky encourages positivity. The message that a brand should send out should always inspire and light-hearted. The best example of such marketing could be Nike’s ‘Just do it’ ads which inspire you to be fit.

Protecting the security of customer is of utmost importance. Today the data is massive and so are the chances of misuse of data. Brands need to ensure that the data is protected and take certain security measures. The landing pages should provide credibility. The affiliations should be trusted and known. Testimonials from previous customers will also add authenticity to the brand. The information should be easily accessible which builds trust.

Communication is an important factor for building trust. It should be transparent and consistent with the brand values. The feedbacks from customers should be taken seriously and responded to. Direct engagement with the customers also enables positive marketing.

Through positive marketing, values are shaped which help in the growth of the company. Thus, paying close attention to what the customer requires and studying their psyche can be very productive.


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